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Fluid to Fluid Wood Boiler Heat Exchanger


I want to capture some coolant heat. The wood boiler heat exchangers are real nice. They even have the right fittings. 10 plate 92.00$. 20 plate 159.00$ 40 plate 192.00$ Does anybody know how these work and what size would be good for a Listeroid 6/1. I imagine a smaller one would do it.

Other types?

I wouldn't mind building something as long as its robust. I will not comprimise the primary coolant loop. Also, 4 to 6 hours overtime would pay for any of the Ebay units so nothing to complex.

Thanks Geno

A 40 or 50 plate exchanger would be serious overkill for a 6/1.   These are amazingly effective.   A neighbor of mine has in floor hydronic heating.  His whole house is heated using a single 16 plate heat exchanger.

Here is another ebay site selling 16 plate exchangers for $82

Brazed type heat exchangers consist of a series of thin and corrugated stainless steel plates. These plates are compressed and brazed together with copper or nickel depending on the application. This creates channels between plates, with one fluid in odd number channels and the other in the even number channels.

Hi Plate heat exchanfers are pretty good, but, if you have to clean them you can only flush and or backflush them. Maybe acid flush too.

I thought a small one would do it. If I run with my current idea I'll be running some kind of antifreeze that (hopefully) won't require cleaning of anything.

Thanks, Geno

Jim Mc:
Not sure how much heat you want to move across the heat exchanger, but a simple coaxial (tube in tube) is pretty easy to put together.  Just need a length of 3/4 inch copper, a slightly shorter length of 1 or 1-1/4 a few fittings and a little brazing.

Their length may be a drawback, but because of that, they sometimes lend themselves well to a system that is using convection in lieu of pumps.


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