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Lister electric start options - starter-motor or starter winding on alternator ?


The subject says it, really - I'm looking to buy a Lister genny but really want an electric start, or at least the option to add it. At first I reckoned having an alternator with built-in starter winding would be good, like those on the SOM versions, but then I thought perhaps that adds a lot of complexity to the alternator and if I ever have to have it rewound, the cost will be sizable - whereas a separate starter motor keeps things simple. The engines I'm looking at - SR2 or ST2 probably - have provision for adding a starter on the bell-housing although from what I've heard it's not guaranteed they come with ring-gear on the flywheel ? So :

- Thoughts on alternator starter windings versus standalone starter motor ?
- Am I right that some engines didn't have ring-gear on the flywheel ?
- Will these crank the engine with compression or will I need to add a solenoid or similar to the decompression levers, if I'm starting with a hand-start model ?

Thanks all. It looks like some Brush gen heads (a popular option it seems) came with starter windings and some didn't - is there a way to tell, from the model or name plate, whether an alternator has starter windings ?


I have a SR2 which came with a Brush type alternator.  Mine has the housing for a starter motor, but definitely has no ring gear on the flywheel.  It did however come with a SOM.  Unfortunately, when I bought it and went to fetch it, I knew nothing about Listers, so didn't take the control box, which meant the SOM part was useless.  The guy that initially checked it over for me fitted a push button to start it manually using the alternator as the starter motor.  I used to manually operate the decompression levers. I never tried cranking it without decompression, so wouldn't know if it will turn over.  The starter windings are 24VDC, so 2 x batteries are needed, but the contactor for the push button was 12VDC, so separate wires from one battery had to be used to energize this coil.  The electrics in the dogbox on the alternator was a bit dicky, so the charging circuit was putting out something like 56VDC which soon cooked my batteries.  There has been plenty of talk on this forum about modernizing the dogbox, but unfortunately my electronic knowledge is far too limited to attempt this mod.  I also have been unable to find anyone willing to undertake the job for me, so have let it go and just hand crank.  It starts very easily as soon as it gets up to speed.  If I remember correctly, the name plate on my alternator clearly states 24VDC. I have attached a picture, but it is not very clear. 

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Depending on your choice of prime mover this thread, covering how I fitted a starter to my CS might be of interest, there's lots of other stuff on the forum, search 'Starters, Starter Motors' etc. also you can follow the links towards the end of the thread



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