Author Topic: Engine code confusion lpw4  (Read 1005 times)


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Engine code confusion lpw4
« on: December 24, 2023, 12:30:07 PM »
Hello all,
 I have an lpw4 engine installed in my narrowboat with aa code lpw4s, would this be an 's' variation? Or am I right in thinking it would be written lpws4?

Also does anyone know what the difference is between an lpw4 and an lpwt4 model? I can't find any info on the t model

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Re: Engine code confusion lpw4
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2023, 01:21:58 AM »
It should say LPWS4.
LPW = water cooled, direct injection.
LPWS = water cooled, indirect injection.
LPWT = water cooled, direct injection, turbocharged.