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TR3 rebuild manual
« on: November 02, 2023, 09:19:25 PM »
Does anyone know where I might get a workshop manual for the TR3? I have one called 'Workshop Manual' issued by Lister but it is really only a maintenance manual and doesn't cover engine reassembly.

Basically, I need to find out what the allowable camshaft endfloat is and how to set it. From dismanting the end gear-cover, I wonder if the end float is all controlled by the shim between the shaft and the end cover but my instinct says that the end cover is only that and not designed to take radial thrust from the camshaft.  But really need an assembly manual to get a definitive answer.

Incidentally, the TR3 is driving a Mecalte (Italian) 25kW alternator and has 2000 hours on it. There was a gear-cover oil-leak and the local garage monkey pulled the cover then replaced it with silicone but no gasket (says it was unavailable!!). The net result was that the cover was a few thou closer to the block and I think is what caused the shim to glue itself onto the camshaft and the thrust washer. Have tidied up the camshaft in-situ but need to be 100% sure about the correct end-float before making up another shim.


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Re: TR3 rebuild manual
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2023, 10:48:16 AM »
Hopefully one of the guys here can answer your question as to specs. We cant always buy everything we need so we do need to do some things ourselves. I make my own gaskets for the different engines I have but because I stripped them down I keep the old gaskets so I know what thickness to use to make the new ones.
Something I did for a Lister SR2 I had was to use Google to find a free download of a manual for that engine  but, I think it is only a general maintenance manual similar to what you have described. Maybe camshaft endfloat can be found using that Google bloke too.
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