Author Topic: Lister D won't start  (Read 583 times)


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Lister D won't start
« on: October 29, 2023, 04:07:48 PM »
Hi all, new to lister engines and need some help please.

I have a lister D that I bought after it lying idle for years, 1961 DH 2hp 700rpm, most likely from a cement mixer. Float was mangled and bowl very dirty so I cleaned card and filled the bowl with fuel and managed to get it to run briefly until fuel ran out. But since then it won't fire for me. It's getting fuel, timed as per Google instructions with a new plug and good spark, compression is ok but it just won't fire for me. Is there something I could have setup wrong?

All help welcome.

Timed to the ignition mark on flywheel with a WICO series A if that makes a difference. Flywheel and engine are matching numbers so I'm pretty confident it was left idle since the mixer was retired and not been pulled apart before


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Re: Lister D won't start
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2023, 10:37:23 AM »
G'Day and welcome to the Forum.
When this happens to me I go back to the beginning and double check everything. I know you have mentioned you have spark and fuel and compression may be ordinary.
I would clean the carby again checking the jets or does this have a simple fuel mixer only?
Ensure you have spark at the end of the HT lead and your new n old plug do spark when earthed out.
What colour spark do you have? Yellow to white or blue?
Timing, check it again. With your timing mark I set my points to be just opening at that stage.
Finally, this may sound odd but squirt some engine oil down the plug hole. This raises the compression which may be your issue as rings tend to stick when siting a long time. If it does start, great. Run it for a good amount of time and use a length of hardwood to put a load on the flywheel to make the engine work a bit under load. I managed to make a lot of smoke from the timber rubbing but helped one of my engines a lot.
Good luck and keep us informed.
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