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Hi, we inherited the attached with our house which is slightly off the beaten track. We've never used it but it seems inreasonable nick and knowing how regularly we get power cuts I can appreciate why someone might have bought it years ago. Can anyone help identify it and whether it is collectable at all? The power cuts we have now are very short lived so we don't really have a use for it.

Hi NickS, there should be an identification plate on or around the crankcase door on the other side of the engine from your photo. I note there is no starter motor, so it`s either a hand crank start or it has an alternator head with a built in starter motor.


Many thanks for taking an interest Bob. There are a couple of batteries at the front and a starter button so I'm presuming it has an electric ignition but I really know nothing about these things so bow to your (and the other forum users) far superior knowledge. Is this the plate you were meaning?

Looks like a 10.5 kw single phase 240v genset. Lister ST3 engine. Pretty nice set up being trailer mounted if the wheels are still around somewhere.

Many thanks Broncodriver. Unfortunately we haven't been able to track down the wheels. Do you know if there is anybody that buys these sorts of generators and if so any idea on values? Ultimately it is taking up space that we need to free up and it seems a pity to just scrap it if it is the sort of thing that there seems to be a following for.


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