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Hi,  everybody ,  i have just  got a  lister D engine , i know very little about them  it would be nice if i knew its age the numbers are i/49296   spec  28  DH ,   it wasnt running a valve had stuck open , its in bits just now i am going to bring it up to standard if i can ,  it needs a big end shell  d19 g bv stamped on it ,  any advice would be welcome   thanks  also having trouble removing the peg so i can remove flywheel  :-\

Thanks folks :-[

Sorry that nobody answered quick enough to suit you,,,

The serial number you provided doesn't jive with my list that states Lister D production started in 1926 with serial number 80000?

Stationary Engine Parts in England would be the first place I would check for a bearings or other parts but I am in the states. There is very likely other sources of parts that I don't know about.
Removing the Gibb key,
 I am not really a "Do a search" type of person but two finger typing large replies on a phone isn't my idea off fun either.  There are many artickes and posts on the web available to you by typing in a search. All in all if there is no pressing need to remove the key and flywheel it is best to leave it alone and work around it.


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