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Wiring Diagram or Knowledge on speed control of Lister Generator diesel engine

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David Van Leerdam:
Wiring Diagram or Knowledge on speed control of Lister Generator diesel engine 7.5HP.

Have recently purchased 7.5HP twin cylinder diesel Lister that use to have 240 volt gen set bolted to the back.
On the engine there are two looks like solenoids that control the governor of the engine.
Set up looks complete but not sure on how the system works or wiring connections.

Wondering if anyone can help as reusing setup to run gen set.

Thanks Dutchy

If your genset is the one I am thinking of it is an SL2 and the solenoids were used to pull the throttle of its stop and the other one operated the decompressor levers It will be fixed speed at 1500 rpm.

Good day, I largely agree with Oldgoat. Lister made a lot of generators based around their S series engines (ST, SR, SL). These had two solenoids mounted at the governor end of the engine. The front one is the fuel control solenoid and is connected to the fuel injector pumps, when energized it releases the fuel control racks allowing diesel to be pumped up to the fuel injectors. This solenoid is a latching solenoid with two coils and a small internal relay switch. During the start up process, 12 volt dc is fed through the two coils opening the fuel supply, once the solenoid is open the small relay switch is triggered turning off the voltage to one of the coils and the solenoid is able to stay open on just one coil.
The second solenoid is a 240v unit (110volt for US models), this is connected via a spring loaded linkage, to the two decompressor levers on the top of the engine. During start up the engine spins up without compression, as the generator head starts to produce electricity this flows to the solenoid coil opening it and pulling the two decompressor levers into the run position allowing the injected diesel to ignite.
These engine would have been set in the factory for 1500 RPM for a 50HZ generator or 1800 RPM for a 60 HZ output. My ST2 had some throttle adjustment available to fine tune the output.
Hope this is helpful,


David Van Leerdam:
Thankyou very much the information will be very helpful. If any one has a instruction or workshop manual on the system it would be much appreciated. Thanks again for getting back to us.

This is what I found on this forum.  Hope it makes more sense to you than it did to me.


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