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Still at work, original 6 hp Bamford


Ive been a fan of Bamfords since 38ac first showed one here many years ago.
I ran into this video that others might enjoy.

Good to see you back posting Bruce, was about to give you a call to see how you are doing. Yes those Bamfords are extra nice engines. My shop work has been mostly Bamfords as of late.  Ran out of OEM Z2  con rod bearings thus work has come to a halt while 50 sets are being produced.

Hi Butch,
My health has been poor so struggling to keep up with the basics.  Not much going on to post here.  I did replace my UV wrecked Dorman plastic radiator overflow tank with an aluminum one to keep the Listeroid 6/1 going.

Its fantastic what you've done to restore those Bamfords!

Best Wishes,


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