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Fuel consumption of air cooled L-P engines


Is there documentation out there that shows the various fuel burn rates of the engines Lister manufactured over the years? I am very familiar with the Alphas (LPW2 and LPW4) in the military generator applications, but I would like to see if they produced any 2-4 cylinder air cooled engines that would be suitable for 1800RPM genset use... and what their respective fuel burn is.

I believe the Alphas have an SAE 5 flywheel housing on them. I have a number of new in box military generator heads that were made to work with the Alphas... and it would be very interesting to find an air cooled machine which could directly couple with one of these.

Thanks for any knowledge and assistance.

Diesel Engineering:
Lister have produced many air cooled engines over the years.Most of them would be able to run at 1800 rpm with the correct governors fitted.As you say the Alpha range uses an SAE 5 housing. Also I think that the LT/LV range was also SAE 5. The T range of engines used an SAE 4 housing. The older air cooled engines such as the SR/ST May not be an SAE size as back in the day Lister worked to there own specifications and not British Standards. But not totally sure of that.

I would be looking at the path of least resistance... so maybe I will check those two models out. I have had excellent luck with the Alphas, I just want to see about taking a less complex model, that has less maintenance and wear items (considering where the world may be headed, I am trying to build up more robust solutions for my own backup) and mate it to the VERY high quality genheads I have here. I already know what voltage regulator I want to use, its really more of figuring out if there is a suitable powerplant to do what I am thinking.

I have already bingo'd Gary @ DES directly by email. Perhaps he will come upon this thread as well. Thanks for the insight.


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