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Lister JP4 - which oil should I use

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Newbie question. The manual says Shell Rotella but that's not available in the Netherlands. Any mineral 15W40 will do?

Not sure where you are located but here in the states all 15w-40 oil is diesel rated. Look for CK4 or better ratings. Actually any detergent motor oil available today is superior to what was available when it was made. 
Never did understand the mineral oil deal? what else is there that one would out in an engine ?Olive oil? LOL

Thanks. There is also synthetic oil (a man-made lubricant that consists of artificially made chemical compounds). I'm based in the Netherlands (Europe).

G`Day Birdmeister, 38ac is correct, modern engine oils are light years ahead of any oils they had back then. There has been a lot of debate about detergent in oils, basically detergent oils clean your engine and hold the dirt in suspension in the oil. The oil then gets fed through a filter to remove the dirt and abrasive particles. If your engine has not got an oil filter you need a non detergent oil that allows the dirt and abrasive particles to sediment out, I would recommend making alterations and adding an oil filter if necessary. 15W 40 should be fine, 15W 30 if you live in a very cold area.


Strange that Shell Rotella is not available.  Being a Dutch company!!!


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