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Lpw 3a based generator starting system schematic

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Just bought an lpw 3a. The solenoid that pulls back to allow generator to start Cycles on and off every 15 seconds so generator will not continue to run. Have a deep sea control box on my other lm3 so don't know anything about how this one is configured or who made it? Any ideas?

I can`t tell from the photo but I think that is the fuel control solenoid which open/closes the racks on the fuel injector pumps. It is clearly working because it opens the racks allowing you to start the unit. Why it would then close the rack shutting down the genny 15 seconds later is a bit of a mystery. Some solenoids have two coils in them, both coils are needed to open the rack but only one is needed to hold it open there is a small internal switch/relay to switch off one coil. That relay/switch may be failing.

Much more likely is a fault in the control panel. Does this unit have a low oil pressure sensor? It could be that oil level is too low and oil pressure drops causing the shut down. Some units also have a low oil level sensor which would do the same thing.


32 coupe:
Bob is correct....I would look at the oil pressure situation to see if it is a problem.
Those solenoids are usually 2 coils or and internal it a 2 wire or 3 wire ?
2 wire will have the internal switch, 3 wire will be controled by the rest of the control system.

Your pic shows.some info on it. Have you tried to cross referance any of that on the net ?

Hi 32 coupe, thanks for the backup, I`m pretty sure this an oil pressure or oil level issue. Hoping it`s oil level, oil pressure issues can be expensive to rectify.


32 coupe:

I think there is probibly an oil pressure switch and an oil presure sender.
The switch would be for the "safety" side and the sender is for the guage.
That's how my military gen set is set up.
I would try to determine which is which then hook up a manual guage to see if it is making good oil pressure.
If it is and it does have a switch and a sender you can jump out the switch to see if that resolves the problem.


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