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Black Dog:
Good day all, this is my first post here so I hope I am doing things correctly.
About 25 years ago I purchased a CS 12-2 in a farm auction as the crank was missing I never tried to start her. Stashed her in the barn for a rainy day. Last week I decided I needed a winter project so I moved her into the shop. I rebult a couple of Petter engines about 40 years ago when in the UK they were on "Dumpers". So not completly green.

So far I have found an oil pipe from the oil maifold laying in the sump, the union nut was broken and the solder repair hadn't lasted. Although she turns over very easily the big end bearings need replacing. Removed the heads and blocks. Valves aren't to bad. A small piece of linner skirt was broken off and also in the sump. A con rod must have conected with it at some time. Bores are excellent and rings appear good. With the big end bearings gone I decided to check the main bearing, she is not good. Oh well "in fior a penny in for a pound". Time to remove the crank.

I had been soaking the gib keys in penetrating oil for a week, had a local machine shop mke me a HD key puller but no luck. I can crack the key heads before they will move, they are welded and waiting for tomorrow.

My question to anyone who has worked on these engines, how hot can you heat the flywheel hub? I have a large "Rose Bud" tip on my torch and had to heat the flat belt drive pully hub cherry red before I could loosen the set screw and remove her. I think this would be a littel excessive for a flywheel!

Any suggestions would be welcolm

Black Dog. Manitoba, Canada.

Hello and welcome to the LEF.  Those Gibb keys can be real stubborn. Put your puller back on and pull all your dare without breaking anything. Next you need a heavy duty punch. I use a foot long piece of shafting with a handle welded to it. Lacking that a 4 lb hammer will do.  Have a helper hold the punch or hammer against the hub of the flywheel. and using at least an 8 lb sledge hit the punch like your tryiing to to break it. Hit it HARD. This will move the flywheel in while the puller holds the key loosening it.. Keep hitting the hub and tightening the puller until the hub is against the main bearing housing, then the key should pull out with the puller

Black Dog:
Thanks for your input 38ac. I put my gib key puller on (She is made out of 3/4 plate with 9/16 bolts) tighten bolts as hard as I could with a small wrench and smacked the flywheel at 12 and 6 o'clock with my largest sledge. After a few hits I retightened the bolts. In 20 mins I slid the flywheel off. Then repeated the process with the second flywheel in another 20 mins. Crankshaft is now out and I have to decide how much I want to spend on new parts.

Cheers BlackDog

Well done Black Dog, some photos would be nice.
I don`t know where you would buy parts in Canada, 38ac keeps a good selection of spares in the USA. He recently posted that he was ordering a whole lot of spares from India, you might want to contact him and let him know what you need.

Good luck with the old girl.


Black Dog:
I would be pleased to post photos if some could explain how to. Now I have to decide if I get the crank ground and If I do that then maybe it would be worth having the valve seats recut?


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