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Starting a lister st2 engine on a dumper

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a lister st2 engine manual or tell me the correct method of hand cranking my engine as I've tried everything I can to start and it just won't go

Hi Dean, if you do a search for Lister st2 manual you will be able to download it as a pdf from winget
The question I have is: are you cranking it the right way? Lister made clockwise and anticlockwise engines, the letter A on the serial number plate would indicate anticlockwise, the ratchet pin in the starting handle can be reversed. Alternatively put the dumper in a forward gear, release the hand brake and crank the engine, if the dumper moves forward you are cranking in the right direction.

On the top of the engine there are two plastic plungers, these act like syringes, they should be pulled out and the holes filled with engine oil, refit the plungers and push them both fully down. This injects oil into the cylinders where it sits on top of the pistons increasing compression for cold starting. My SR engine also has an over fueling setting on the throttle mechanism to further assist with starting, I don`t know if the ST has the same.

Good luck, let us know how you go.


Fired up after 2 turns after doing it the right way, thanks for the help. No doubt I'll be back for something else later

Well done Dean happy dumping.


Amazing that😊 Don't feel alone. Several times I have received calls from a customer that they could not get a CS type going only to find that they were cranking from the wrong side, LOL. I now put arrows on the flywheels.


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