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12/2 Gib key will not budge

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Hi all, Tried the usual first tool/tools. Gib key puller. Alot of money for a tool made in India. Inferior cast/steel is what I believe I received.. Broke it fixed it, stripped it fixed it. stripped again and it got flung into the pine trees behind the house..

Time to break out the mig. Gib key is roughly 9/16'' wide. So made a fork out of 5/16 plate that would slide around the key to about the face of the flywheel. Welded it up both sides.  Used 4'' square to slide over crankshaft. This is to keep the tool from riding up and bending or breaking the weld at the gib key/fork connection..

Time for some fun, 3ft breaker bar with 2 ft extension. BIG ASS jaw puller. Way overkill you would think, This key has been soaking for a month. Tried every trick I know. Tighten the breaker bar up real tight, and hit it with a wedge at same time.  The funny thing is it looks like the assembler tapped the key home properly. No evidence of dents and hammer blows.

I know the tool looks goofy now but that is after a day beating it grinding it welding it. Air hammering it etc. I would have thought this setup would have made it much easier than the india gib key made from recycled automotive sheet metal. 

Time for the sawzall and sacrifice one of the spoked wheels to get this thing apart?  Starting to run out of ideas and do not want PANIC to set in..  Any suggestions?     Thanks.

more pics


32 coupe:
Look a Central Maine Diesel puller.
I made my own.

First get rid of the globs with a grinder so you can do a decent job of welding your puller back on. Then put some pull on it, not enough to break the puller but a good hard pull.  Next step requires a helper. You need a sledge and a heavy duty punch, preferably with a handle on it. I use a piece of 1 1/2" sharing about a foot long with a 4 foot handle welded on it. You can use a 2 lb hammer maybe for the punch?  Next you need an 8 to 10 Lb sledge or heavier.. have the helper hold the  punch against tbe hub of the flywheel and hit it with the big sledge like your trying to break it, it will move the flywheel back on the key, move it all the way to the bearing housing in tbis manner and the key will then come out with the puller. Never had this fail yet.


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