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HW2 + 11.25 3 phase alternator

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Rocdoc Derv:
Ive a problem.
I bought this genset, very good price, as a project. Ive installed hydro systems so learning time.
Would it be ok to post images and video? My hope is any info on the alternator would be forthcoming.
Hopefully shed engineers would enjoy and may be helped by the visuals.
What do you think?

Yes please, post all the photos you like. Videos can not be posted but you can post them to Youtube or other video sites and post a link here.

Looking forward to seeing what is inside that generator head.


Rocdoc Derv:
Hiya Bob and all, great to be here.
Ive a lot of experience with Lister single engines in dumpers, mixers and gennys and small modern petrol gen sets, but this is new, especially the monster head.
Please throw any info about this beautiful machine at me, I like to know my tools so you wouldn't bore me. :D

Rocdoc Derv:
Only one image popped up. Try again.
Oh sorry Hope everyone had a good Christmas?
And the last picture, what you think the boxes on lowest part of crank case are? My guess without probing is block heater??

Rocdoc Derv:
Third time ive tried to send a reply and attach.
Try again. Think file too big. Two at a time.


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