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Another bonded neutral question
« on: December 12, 2022, 07:30:39 PM »
Hello folks! Merry Christmas to all!!

I have a question on my new Kohler 12RMO gen head. As received, it has a bonded neutral, so it would be appropriate to wire as a "Separately Derived System", meaning that the Neutral would need to be bonded at the generator AND the generator would require its own Equipment Grounding Electrode system. This is a les than ideal option for me.

This gen head is of the "Start-o-Matic family in that the gen head has the dynamo/starter windings included inside. Can/should those windings still be bonded to the case if I float the 120/240 neutral?

Has anyone out there un-bonded the neutral on their gen? If the Neutral is floating the system is now "Back-up power system and relies on the EGC system of the house/main panel. This would be more acceptable for my needs.

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Another bonded neutral question
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2022, 01:56:18 AM »
Don't take  this as certified electrical advise because it is not. There are literally 1000s and 1000s of portable generators providing back up power to the same number of homes with out a thought about where the neutrals are bonded yet there are not bodies piling up because if it. My first stand bye set was a portable with bonded neutralI and the instructions stated drive a rod for safe operation. Now since codes have changed I have read the reasoning behind not grounding the gen sets when the neutrals of both systems are  bonded and it seems to me I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning on a clear day than everything that has to happen for it to cause a shock but the what if crowd will of course say different and has total control over the NEC. My electrician looked over my system and said it won't meet code due to me grounding the gen set. I said I could care less about the code is it unsafe? Answer, No.  Does grounding need to be NEC aporoved to be safe?  that's subjective. Will it be more safe if it meets code? I would assume so.
 To answer your question, AS I UNDERSTAND THE NEC
if you unbond the neutral at your generator head then you need to run an unswitched bare wire all the way from the generator frame to your main panel bonding pont. Be certain to check this out with a certified electrician.
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