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Bamfords shop work

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+1,  Fantastic work to fully restore what most would consider scrap.   I didn't realize such serious head defects could be restored, and the amount of highly skilled custom work here is awe inspiring.  Bravo, Butch.

Thanks for taking the time to give us a peek into your busy shop!

Bob, The Bamfords cylinder block is all part of the crankcase. Shims are used under the head gasket to set the bump clearance.
Got a couple minutes on the head today before other work drug me away. The valve heads on a Bamfords are set even with the gasket surface. The weld shop bored the ports to size. The first step for me on this welded up head is to lower the valves down a bit prior to cutting seats. I could cut this all the way down with the Neway seat cutters but would be very slow. So I used the guide piloted tooling that I use to install hard seats.  Also shown is the valves sitting in the recesses I cut showing I still have a ways to go with the 45 degree seat cutter. No hard seats will be used on this head.

Nice work once more. Butch.


Cutting the proper 3 angle valve seats with Neway tooling and the valves set to proper depth.

Setting the head and installing pieces. Very satisfying to see this engine about ready to start as its been in the shop 19 months.


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