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Hi all,  couple people messaged me wondering what's happening. Shop is busy, harvest going on work never ends.
Some pics of current work load. First is part of the slow speed waiting line which is 4 Z2 Bamfords, 2 Lister CS twins, 1 VA. Next is current project which is a 10HP Bamford. Ma y shop made parts go into a Bamfords build. This one had also been left to freeze up and severely broke the head. Waited 6  months on the best welding shop in the states to weld it and I have to relocate various bores. These heads use a copper sleeve to separate the injector from the water jacket which I make in the shop. Showing the sleeve and head set up to bore the hole for it after it was closed up during welding. Also shown is the wet sleeve cylinder block. The wet sleeve was bored for a thin wall dry sleeve. The original piston was reground to make it round again.  The bore is then adjusted to the reground piston and rings fitted.  No crank bearings are available so they are also shop made. More in next post.

 On with the head. Once the sleeve bores are to size the milling cutter is used to make clearance for the nut that retains the tip and a hole is drilled for the tip. I didnt take any pics before starting my work the head was a mass of furnace welded cast iron. Also looking down in the injector hole showing the 3 bores completed.

Here is the sleeve and shop made tooling that is used to swage it in place tightly for a leak proof seal.  Also the bottom side of the head which was a mass of cracks. Still have to cut valve seats and the releifs.

Always good to see project pics from your shop, nice work.

Wow, the guys that welded that head back together did a great job. Welding cast iron is a very specialized skill as the work piece needs to be heated before welding and then very slowly cooled after, to prevent cracking.
No surprise to see you are busy and doing good work as usual. How is the bump clearance set on the Bamford? I`m guessing shims between the cylinder and crankcase.



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