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Thanks 32 coupe. I have pulled one head off and the cylinder looks like it should .the one piston looked about 3/4 the way down in the bore. No scratches, and I think I even see some faint cross hatching in the bore. I will need to be buying valve springs and the retainers for both heads as they have to much rust for my liking on them.                                 

I am going to look at your thread tonite.

Was this the unit I saw on FB Marketplace in CT?

Yes and what a $hit show it was. They listed it for $100 and they had every idiot in ct offering $2000 or more for it without even seeing it.. Of course these are the guys that never show up. So now owner thinks they hit the lottery..  So i left it alone for a week, then messaged them back and asked if they still had it. They did. I laughed and said I will be there the next morning.

BB means bushed bearings. CIP means cast iron piston

If it has "ball bearings" it would say TRB for taper roller bearings.

Looks like you found one built likely close to the original lister specs. That's not a bad thing.

So did you get it for the original $100 asking price? Hell of a deal if it is a runner.


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