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--- Quote from: 32 coupe on October 30, 2022, 01:44:20 AM ---
My twin has bushed bearings.....

Got a pic of the spec plate ?

Nice project !

--- End quote ---
Thank you,  Got the spec plate pic posted. I am not sure if it has bushed or tapered bearings yet. I ASSumed BB meant ball bearing. I have not looked at it much yet. We were beat after loading and unloading this thing yesterday.

I am also not sure why the right side cylinder head is unpainted. Maybe a replacement at some point?

32 coupe:
Looks like the external spring on the govenor is missing.

I wish my twin were rated for 660 rpm.
Mine is rated for 1000 and after many hours of "play" I could not
get the thing to work at anything under 800 or so.

Your unit looks like it would work fine with a 5 or 7.5 kw head.
All things considered it will probibly pull about 5 kw.

Neat project !

Thanks for the reply 32.  Can you decode that tag?  Is cip cast iron piston? Idi= indirect injection i think. What about BB ?
Is there anymore info on that tag that is worthwhile knowing? Can I figure out when it was built? 

Yes the governor spring is missing along with the starter handle. They could not find them.

32 coupe:
I'm no help with the tag but I would think your idea of "idi" would be correct.

I think the bearing housing would be short with a roller bearing and longer with a bush type bearing
but I could be wrong.

Dieselgman would be your best bet for info and parts.

I would pull the heads and see what you have. You may get lucky and not have to go any further.

I will add that most of the time i spent on mine was not engine assembly. Time was spent on getting the
throttle linkage set up correctly. I am happy to say that after many hours of playing with it that the
cylinder temps are only a few degrees apart. I put a tstat on each head and am using a pump and an
aftermarket Honda type radiator and the setup works great.

If you read through my posts you will see the way I have mine setup.


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