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Intro to the group!! ahem... and help with engine ID

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Hello all you diesel smoke addicts! I hear this is a support group for such things!  ;D
New to the group and considering adding to my "Old smokey" collection. Currently running a Clarke BL17 Backhoe with a Jimmy 3-53, and now considering purchasing a Kohler Genny with what I believe to be a Lister 3-cyl engine in it. Here are some pics.
Wondering how loud these engines are, it is in an enclosure, but I know how loud some air-cooled engines can be.

Thanks and hello!


Looks quite interesting, keep us posted with more details.


--- Quote from: macguyverkevin on October 25, 2022, 06:08:28 AM ---...with what I believe to be a Lister 3-cyl engine in it. Here are some pics.

--- End quote ---

Welcome aboard!

In the bottom corner of the 1st picture, there's a plate with the engine no on it... can you get a closeup of that? That will definitively ID the engine if it's a Lister - or definitively tell us it's NOT a lister!!


Looks like a Lister ST3. It has the fuel control solenoid and decompression solenoid so it might be Start-o-Matic. Could you post  photos of the control panel and  generator head.


Start-o-Matic, eh?  Is that anything like the Nashville Tune-o-Matic bridge found on some Gibson Electric Guitars?   ;D
The interesting thing about your input here is that I don't see a starter on this engine as I would expect to find. I see the battery cables go into the junction/control box on top of the gen head. Does this use the gen as a motor to start the engine?


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