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I'm hoping I can tap into the collective wisdom residing in this forum to help me decide if I should immerse myself in all things Lister-Petter.
I have the opportunity to acquire a Lister Peter AC1 for next to nothing. It's a water cooled engine previously used to drive a generator in a boat. The generator is unserviceable but the engine is good. I would consider converting this engine to propulsion purposes. I see there is a SOM transmission which can be fitted to this engine. Apart from the gearbox itself, presumably I would need a drive plate and adaptor plate/bell housing? Not sure how available these gearboxes and other conversion parts are on the second hand market given this is probably a 40 yr old engine?
The other issue that I would like some help with is the mechanical side. I assume that a generator engine would have a different governer set up to a variable speed propulsion engine. Is it possible to adjust the governer or do new parts need to be fitted? Are there any issues with fuelling...injector pump or injector itself?
Finally, if you conclude that I am wasting my time and money on a conversion, is there any demand for these engines or parts thereof? Should I buy it and just part it out? Appreciate your thoughts. Cheers

Hi Pullark, If this was coupled to a generator it will have a fixed speed. This speed will depend on the alternating voltage required, 50 or 60 hertz. Probably 3000 rpm or 3600 rpm, this can be adjusted by a bolt with a locking nut. I believe this can be replaced with a variable speed throttle linkage, but I have never tried it and have no idea if Lister Petter would still stock the parts required.

You don`t specify what it is you are trying to propel but I have a restored old dumper truck from the same era, mine has a Lister SR1 engine but they were also sold with Petter engines. I suspect that the bell housing, clutch and gearbox might well fit an AC1, you might find one in a scrap yard. I think the gearbox and axle were made by Salisbury, in the UK



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