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Starting LT3 after sitting 14 months

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My camp in the Louisiana marsh got hit hard by Hurricane Ida last year. I lost my generator shed, but generator was still intact. I havenít started it since.  What is the best procedure to follow before attempting to crank it?

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1st - drain sump of any oil (just in case water got inside);
2nd - new oil filter;
3rd - clean fuel tank, and fuel filter (just in case some water got inside);

Further maintainance depends on model of engine.

Dont forget to clean also alternator and switch board.

A good clean is halfway to thing go again.


+1 everything VP wrote. After the floods in Australia I repaired dozens of engine that had been under water, some of them had been stopped with one or more valves open, water and even sand and gravel had washed into the cylinders. Any attempt to start these would have caused terrible damage. Please check before trying to turn over the engine, if in doubt take the cylinder heads off and clean out the crap. Time consuming, but cheaper than an engine rebuild.


Can't argue with any of the suggestions made. You will or should know if your engine did go under water or not so take the appropriate action as required. Also check and clean/replace air filter too.

Generator did not flood. Just sustained wind driven rain at 130 mph gusting over 150 mph!


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