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32 coupe:
Here we go !
I am on the east coast of Florida.
Looked like is was going to stay west of us until yesterday. Now it has moved
east and looks like it will be just north of me. I'm near Melbourne.
Got my Coleman stuff ready. I started collecting years ago so I'm well stocked
with lanterns, stoves and fuel !
Got my generators staged and ready. I have 4 diesel gen sets, so good there.

I know members just south of me.

Stay safe and take cover !


Best of luck yourself, or is it a case of the more prepared one is, the more luck you'll have.  Sounds like you are well prepared and will be running your butte off helping out the neighbours.

Good Luck 32Coupe, (and others)

Power may be disrupted for several days. Water is the big concern. High storm surge and much rain predicted.
This is why we prepare in advance.
Let us know how you make out.

Good luck Gary, some people laugh at us for all the prepping work we do, I doubt they are laughing now.
Let us know how you go and if there is anything we can do to help.
Keep your head down.


Hoping for the best for you guys down there. Stay safe and get the lister started.


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