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Selling several CS 6/1s in new Zealand


Hi guys

I'm going to sell the Listers I have up at my "shed"

It has taken me a while to realise I no longer need their generating capacity - really, the solar provides the watts i need; and there's a substantial solar upgrade on the horizon.
 the last time I was up there I ran one generator for 5 mins so I could use the big 4-slice toaster because my inverter isn't big enough.  The rest of the time - solar did everything.

Plus, I'm 65.  pretty soon they'll be too big & heavy for me to deal with and they'll just be a hassle for my kids when I die.

So - out they go

I attach links to short vids of two of them.

The 6/1 on the trailer, with the 5-stud Indian head (I have three or four Lister heads) was taken off the trailer, had its flywheels removed for ease of handling, and was parked in a paddock three years ago.  It's well-covered & should be fine.

The 6/1 driving the ST-clone head is still in place - although de-commissioned for the winter.  It has an electric start

There's another, an 8/1, which I had running a couple years ago. it was hard to start with low compression as it had a badly worn top ring groove - among other things.  I had the barrel off it an put it aside.  There's a new, alloy, 8/1 piston for it "on the shelf" along with several standard steel pistons - at least two are new - and several barrels

There's heaps of spares - gaskets, injectors, pumps, barrels, several heads, endless small banjo bits and gaskets . . .

There's an ST-type head and a Markon head plus most of the mounting hardware/drive belts etc.  both will make about 2500 watts off the CS

I'm going to advertise it all on our TradeMe here - think eBay

if there's any interest from members of the Forum - please do get in touch.  I have lots of pics & details

There's another 6/1 bottom end which is good - and a bunch of other stuff I have forgotten


Your youtube links aren't working. Gives an error.

I think these should work:


--- Quote from: broncodriver99 on September 11, 2022, 08:25:17 PM ---Your youtube links aren't working. Gives an error.

I think these should work:

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Thanks.  Don't know why, but appreciate the new links.  Cheers


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