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Could the shim thickness of the fuel pump affect the compression of the LT engine?
The fuel pump is a Bryce FAOAN.
Having bought the non working engine as a project for my grandson we found the fuel pump was not working. Stripping and cleaning it worked OK.
The engine started and ran for around 1 minute, lots of black smoke, and then stopped. Trying to restart was impossible due to very high compression and kickback.
It is possible we mislaid one layer of shim when refitting pump, would this affect the engine compression or just the fuel supply timing?
If this is not the case what could the other possibilities be ? When decompressed the engine turns easily with no knocking.
Any help appreciated, thanks

Diesel Engineering:
The thickness of the fuel pump shims will have no effect whatsoever on the compression. But as you say it will affect the timing. This could cause smoke and kickback when trying to start. Would suggest you check the spill timing  of the pump.

Hi Busters, I think this is an over fueling problem , judging by the black smoke. I think I would be pulling the fuel injector out and doing a spray pattern/pop pressure test on it.
Some Lister engines have a deliberate over fueling option for cold starting, this should be disengaged immediately the engine is running. I don`t know if this applies to an LT1. Please see the attached photo of my SR1. As the lever is, it is in run mode, you push the lever down to cut off fuel to stop the engine. To cold start the engine pull the lever up until it is in the vertical position.
Hope this helps.


Sorry, the picture shows the lever in fuel off position. lift it a little and it is in governor/throttle control position, vertical is over fueling for cold start. Apologies, I haven`t had much time to play with these toys recently.


Same idea for the cold start position on my SR2


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