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I found Redstones for sale.

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New old stock.  A new friend has found several engines that can be made available.

Three are spoken for.  Three are left.  All hand-cranked.

PM me, to make arrangements.

Leave your naysaying somewhere else, if you've a mind to comment.  This is for legitimately interested people.

Yes, I have asked for pictures with an indicator of the current date, etc.

I had legit interest in an LD 1115 and you backed out.  Do you intend to market these Redstones or just teasing once more?  If they exist and can be purchased I have interest and you can PM me information, otherwise l don't have time or inclination to play along with the happy horse shite.

Same as 38ac said.. If you have a picture of the engine and information. Please PM the details. Including the prices and the contact info I would need.

Oooh... Purty...


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