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Resurrection of a Deutz MAH 914, 1952? Lets see!

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1 to 5 - detail pics of the german beast.
6 - Me, one of the sisters, and the loader man after putting it on the Hilux.

1 - The grave of an engine... Who knows?
2 - All stuff and tools on board to the road...
3 - After 2h (170km) arriving at the stationary engine clinic!
4 - Let's see the how is the inside body, on open the crankcase door? Last nut... Hummm oil and water!!!!! STOP, STOP! Open the sump drain bolt!
5 - About 1/2 dozen liter of water inside! (SEE VID AT FB (STATIONARY ENGINE ENTHUSIASTS);
6 - the inside has a good look... Id like to see the same outside..... But time and weather is ruthless!

1 - Crank and rod looks ok... because oil was above water.
2 - Injector clip is out... but injector body is stuck.
3 - Pulley off;
4 - Crank boss off;
5 - Fuel filter assembly off;
6 - Hopper lid to tank colling off.

Well done VP, you have been very busy. Looks like the makings of a very good engine, You may need to buy it a new fuel filter!


Hi Bob, Gentles

Only a fuel filter? Im afraid of the injection circuit; pump and injector.

Two valves for shure.

Hope not to send it to scrap.



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