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Resurrection of a Deutz MAH 914, 1952? Lets see!

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Cold winter here and things are going slowly.

A few more bits to the German kart. 4 anti vibration blocks for the right weight, and made fancy spacers to level it, with a cross beam to make it solid.

Also buyed a new toy for tractor at village, an off-set disk harrow.

A few pics to enjoy.

Have a happy year.



Trolley almost done, and the German is already seated on the kart... But silent blocks aint work, because engine has 300+ kgs and rubber is feeling the weight and twisting back to front the axcell. And it will be dangerous.

Therefore, ill change silent blocks for hard wood, in order to give it solid state.

Buyed new toy, a pallet truck. 2nd hand almost new, a good deal.

A few pics to showoff.


Hi VP,
Happy New Year to you. Its been a while since Ive logged in because Ive been busy restoring a 3hp Buzacott then have been doing some of the many lawn mowers I have in our collection.
While your feeling the cold and snow we are under heat wave conditions with high humidity which I cant cope with too well. So half days of play then some reading up on some things of interest. WE are ab out to hook the caravan up and start doing a lot of kilometers again and see more of our country.
Love your rotary hoe and pallet truck. Many years back I woked sellin g tyres and wheels for forklifts and we would remake the poly urethane tyres by bonding new poly onto the wheels.
Hope the wooden blocks solve the rocking of your trolley so please keep us informed.


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