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Resurrection of a Deutz MAH 914, 1952? Lets see!

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A few more tweaks on the trolley.


VP, once again your attention to detail is at the top end of perfection and fitting to the quality finish on "The German". Your king pin design is exceptional so much so I will not post what I recently did on a transporter only a description. 2 flat 5mm plates greased in the middle and a 20mm bolt through the lot from axle to cross member of the trolley.
If a pic is required unfortunately cannot obliged because we are on an extended holiday in our caravan until near Christmas. No pics of the toys with me, sorry.

Gentles, Cobba

A few more pics of the king pin and axle pivoting with silent block.

Primary paint done.

Silent block is a bit of radiator hose 18mm OD, and 12mm ID. Enjoy!


PS: managing to twist the 2 iron bars 40mm*6mm, to attach the pull bar.

It's been a little while since I have visited hyere as we are still wondering around our great State towing the caravan. The progress you have made is brilliant as is your design, well done.
look forward to seeing more in the near future.

Hi Gentles

Liver issues are getting better, therefore German trolley got a few more tweaks.

King pin is done - Lets see if it hangs all the load or it needs reinforcement.

Today manage to set the rear axcel, it will have a set of silent blocks.

Got to go back to the design sheet in order to alter the anchoring of the axcel suport.

A few pics to joy.
1 - seeing clearance to floor with level.
2 - detail of 2 pair of silent blocks.
3 - adding height to reach level.
4 - kart leveled and height seated.



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