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Resurrection of a Deutz MAH 914, 1952? Lets see!

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Gentles, distinguished forum members

As promised, I now start the topic about the Deutz MAH 914.

But first things first, the Hilux water pump seized a ball bearing, and so it took the opportunity to change the timing belt as well.

The pallet with the Deutz offset measurements is ready for tomorrow to start lifting it.

Lets see how it goes.

Gentles, please fingers cross.

A couple of pics to joy.


PS: this thread came from this one:

Nice little donk, look forward to pictures of it.


Here we go... left home monday evening to village. Tuesday melt the fat, the shovel is not easy to maneuver (especially after 3:30), but could get all space clean... I mean clean with archaeology engineering, as you can see further.

I'll give you a set of 35 pics. There is more but the essencial to joy.

Forgive me just to not have a essencial vid of the extraction of the engine from its shed to the ute;

But younger son was helping, and He was so excited with the operation that he forgot to make the vid... saved by the bell the last pic with Backhoe loader man and owner (one of the girls).

Backhoe loader puted arm from upside down into shed and hooked the harness that I made to toke it out.

Pics are titled by order, please be patient...

1 - Cutting Blackberry bushes - AGAIN...
2 - Starting archaeology... with shovel! 3 HOURS SHOVELING!
3 - First find: exhaust pot and an old oil can. And 3 old piston rings.
4 - Ha, Ha.... the ignition key!
5 - The archaeology pile of dirt.
6 - One fire salamander...returned to the wild (Im very conservative of any animal kind).


PS: The vid of water in sump is displayed in FB, among some pics, and DEUTZ Forum will have a few pics with link to here.

1 - Another fire salamander...
2 - Half way is done... (the bottom of engine concrete stand already visible)
3 - The exhaust pipe is mine, only mine!
4 - last shovel of rubble... is it?
5 - Laid to the pile of rubble.
6 - Now what's next? Got torch and ATFCetone... hummm!

1 - HUau, 1st nut off...
2 - Ok, a break to confirm originality. Label with cast iron!
3 - Afternoon (and after dinner is twice sacrifice, but it must be done. Look at the shirt!). Only could save half of the fuel tank... but banjos are there. Do you get me?
4 - Surprise, surprise... engine has a mold of concrete around the sump. Let's go to primary and get masonry tools... heavy mallet and spick to break it free. (there is the answer why it still here! and not stolen... to scrap).
5 - The last one (nut) had to make his point to be the SOB. Pipe wrench is always the solution to those are stubborn!
6 - Now the SOB is out out of his bed... some pieces of rubble under sump to confirm it stays as it should, to extrat.


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