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Hello all, I have a Lister Ha314 I think? Maybe you guys can confirm that. I have included a picture of name plate. The diesel engine is connected to a generator with a welder fitted on top. That's the way it was when I got it. All works fine. My question i, I want to fit an external double socket to side of the machine to run say an angle grinder when not in the shed. There are 2 thick heavy ectrical cables coming out of the generator on one side, one seems to go to the main controller on welder to choose the zone you want to weld say110-250 or 250 to 400. The other thick wire goes to the colour coded amperers control dial. Just not sure where to get a wire to serve the new sockets. Any help would be great. Many thanks in advance. I have included a few photos of the machine and also the control box that seems only to serve the diesel engine and push button start.

I would check the voltage of the generator output before planning to add outlets.
I seems likely that it would be a lower voltage at higher amperage for the welder, thus the big wires you report. 

Sorry about the delay in getting back on this. I have had a lot of work on and could not get back to the machine.
So eventually put the multi meter on the thick wire coming from generator to the main welder dial (Not the fine tuner dial on right side of pictures) This reads 114-115 steady.

Not sure how to proceed, any help/advice would be great.


If its putting out 115VAC then you could certainly wire in a AC receptacle for your angle grinder or other tools. 

Thanks for replying so quickly BruceM.
So is it a case that I piggyback a connection of the welder and the generator and run a cable terminate with a 110V socket for my grinder.
Do I need a breaker or anything?

Many thanks


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