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I have a 1933 Lister CS 3hp engine with the fuel filter mounted on the head. The fuel filter unit has a water jacket and is heated by hot water from the head (see attached photos). I still have the remnants of the original fuel filter 'cartridge' but its useful life ended at least six decades ago.

Presently, I've removed the old fuel filter 'cartridge' and I'm using an in-line fuel filter, however, I would like to adapt the original fuel filter to use a modern exchangeable fuel filter cartridge. The cartridge would have to have the following dimensions:

Maximum outer diameter 67mm - could be as small as 50mm
Maximum length 130mm - could be a little shorter
Minimum inner diameter 14mm - could be larger

I've tried searching a couple of filter manufacturers websites, but without success.

Does anyone know of a suitable fuel filter cartridge of the right dimensions?

Hi Silvertop, it has been a while since I have been on the Forum. We got burned out in the 2019 bush fires in Australia.
Yes , you can replace the fuel filter element with a modern cartridge element but it does require some tinkering. Much easier to buy a replacement for the original filter, not expensive, available from Stationary Engine Parts in the UK, Old Timer Engines in Australia and
Diesel Electric Services in the USA.

Once you have fitted the new filter be sure to flush it through with clean diesel before bleeding the system.


Thanks Bob,
I have a couple of spare wick-type filters that I could bolt on in the usual spot on the cylinder block but this would leave a gaping hole in the head as this filter has a full water jacket and shares hot water circulating through the head. It also has the original Bosch wet injector, a Bosch fuel pump, and a 2.25" big end. Fortunately, the main bearings are 2".

The engine is in surprisingly good condition and runs very well. My aim is to preserve much of the originality of this engine as it's a first year production 3/1 and was sold to the NZ importers on 27th October 1933. I'm not sure how many CS 3/1 engines were made in 1933 as the same number sequence was also shared by the CS 5/1, however, it's unlikely there will be many first year production CS 3/1 engines surviving. Incidently, the first two CS 3/1 engines produced were both shipped to NZ, but I don't know if they still exist.

The closest filter cartridge I could find that has acceptable dimensions is made for a Honda engine but unfortunately it's blind on one end. Anyway, I've ordered one of these filter cartridges and should have a better idea if it can be made to work when I receive it in a few days - might be time to get the BIG hammer out!

Hello, A very interesting early engine for sure!
 I happen to own 2 10/2s from 1934 and the differences in the early engines are an interesting study.
 I have never been inside of a filter head like you have, sounds like you have done your homework searching. One of my 10/2s has another early filter that I could find no suitable elements.  What I did was modify my fuel tank to use an in tank filter for one of the later L/P series engines,  I don't have the original fuel tank. I left the original filter housing empty. If this will work for you I will look up the L/P part number as they are easily obtainable

This might be the sort of thing you are looking for
you will have to manufacture the internal steel components.



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