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Acquired a Hatz E79 engine a while back and started to tear into it. Put a new injector nozzle in, bled the line and  have fuel spray now (old injector was stuck). Pulled fuel tank, new filter, new fuel, and when cranking it it will attempt to pop once or twice after coming off of automatic de compression. Checked intake and exhaust valve lash and seems to be fine. I suspect possibly low compression but don't have a way to check it (metric fittings). The engine is in good condition, clean, appears to be well taken care of. Any chance anyone out there has a shop manual for this ?

It's 85 F here today but I even put a heat gun to the head and warmed it with no difference. It sometimes will only pop once or twice after de compression releases, sometimes nothing. Open to any suggestions what to look for.

A couple of thoughts - and others more knowledgeable here will correct me if I'm wrong:

I had an old Lister CS that came like that - long story short it had sat for a while and the rings had become stuck in the grooves, If you can get it running they may well come right by themselves

So - maybe a teaspoon or two of oil down the intake before cranking it over?  That'll just raise the compression temporarily - and smoke like a bugger if it fires

Second option is ether - "AeroStart" or "engine start" or whatever.  Just a puff into the intake as it is cranked.  A little is a lot with that stuff as it raises the compression enough to break rings if you over-use it

You could google the use of that

Good luck

Good idea with the oil or the Aerostart to find out the quickest way. Also it assumes that the fuel is free flowing all the way to the pump. no blockages inside the tank, tap (if fitted), or outlet of the filter bowl.
I had a McDonald Super Imperial Crude Oil Engine I rebuilt. It was never going to start off the crank and this is with new rings and gaskets etc plus overhauled hyvid bronz fuel injector. In the end I belted it to the PTO pulley on the tractor. That bought it to life and once running for quite some time. After killing every mosquito for a mile radius it now starts off the crank

I have a pdf for a hatz e71 which should be applicable to your diesel


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