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HR3 engine problems

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What does that little flat head piece that is in the fuel pump hooked up to the spring on the delivery valve do? Itís in the top of the fuel pump?

Wish I could answer your questions on that. Spill timing is something I have only heard and read about but never had to do it. Maybe do a search here as it has been explained in th epast in simple terms with good outcomes.
Never tried to understand the internals of an injector, just free them up to make them work, sorry.
Soon enough someone with a lot more knowledge than I have will offer help. So get stuck into the fuel delivery system while a proper answer can be supplied.

Don't know if you have a Hr3 manual but timing procedure is in section 3 page 37 of the manual. If you don't have one I can send you a P.D.F.

I have one. Itís on a pdf. Iíve going to try and check the timing today on it. If all of the pumps where off timing that would cause it. I never moved the shims on the pumps though. But when I got it most of the motor was in parts besides the pumps so there is a good possibility that they are out of time. It will start and run for a few seconds then die. Iíve replaced the sediment filter checked the lift pump but it is new. Checked the lines to the sediment bowl. And checked for leaks going to the lift pump. I am curious if the fuel leak off pipe on the injector going to the sediment bowl if it is supposed to have pressure on it? Cause it has pressure.

Checking the timing. Is there 3 Fuel pump marks for each fuel pump? The manual only talks about one.


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