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HR3 engine problems

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Thanks guys for the replyís. I ended up getting 2 injectors rebuilt and 2 fuel pumps rebuilt. Iíve installed them but I still have a miss on both of those cylinders. I havenít messed with it anymore lately but thatís where Iím at so far

If injectors and pumps are good and you have confirmed that they atomise the fuel by hooking them up while outside of the engine and cranking it over then maybe a valve. I suggest you check they are atomising because there may be a problem/blockage in the fuel lines.
I just had a thought. Is this a 3 cylinder engine as it is listed as a HR3? If so have all injectyors and pumps been serviced?

Yeah they are actually new rebuilt ones from a dei in Kansas. They kept the original and send me all functioning parts I havenít checked the atomization though yet. 2 of them arenít working the 3rd runs good. Might have been a user error putting it together somehow. is there a way to check compression? I figure if itís atomizing itís definitely something to do with valves or maybe I installed the rings wrong low compression.

If wasnít atomizing before first both pumps werenít pumping. Sent them off they sent back to rebuilt working pumps. But still not atomizing but the pumps where pumping. So sent the injectors off they sent back two injectors rebuilt. I stuck them on fired it up and still noticed they where still missing on those two cylinders. Thatís as far as Iíve gotten.

A couple of ideas here. Firstly does an HR3 have a decompression lever/mechanism? If it does check the adjustment. If the valves are being held even slightly open it will not achieve adequate compression for combustion in those cylinders.
Second: check that the exhaust valves are not sticking, carbon build up can cause valves to stick slightly open, no compression no combustion. If you can crank it over by hand you should be able to hear air hissing out if there is a valve leakage issue.
Third: when you installed the serviced/replacement fuel injector pumps did you do a spill test? Not all pumps are identical, it is important to get the timing of these correct, I believe they are adjusted by adding or removing shims between the bottom of the pump and the crankcase block.
Let us know how you go,


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