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Well guys Iím needing some help I have a 3 cylinder hr3 that will run when the motor is cold and then die when it warms up. Wait about a minute and it will start run for a few seconds then die. I would understand if one or two cylinders not running if it was a single fuel pump but that isnít the case. The fuel pump is new and I took it apart to check if there is a clog but itís clean and pumps good. Iím at a loss here. What else would cause it to act that way?

The lift pump is new not fuel pumps

Go right back to basics. Is there rubbish inside the fuel tank, is the fuel tap clear and allow the fuel to flow free. Replace the fuel filter and check for free flowing fuel all the way to the pump. Make sure then that fuel pumps freely to the injectors rack and that fuel is making it to the injector. Finally make msure that all injectors are atomising the fuel.

After that check spill timing. Change air filter so that it can b reath as you need air to mix with atomised fuel to ignite. What is the compression like? This should keep you busy for a while. Don't rush over any stage of this as it only takes one thing to stop it. But it does sound like a fuel supply issue as it starts and runs for a short time but will restart and do the same.

Okay thanks. Yeah thatís what I will do. I

The compression is pretty good. When I got it  I honed the cylinders and installed new rings. Then rebuilt 2 of the 3 fuel pumps. Gonna have to check the spill timing of the pumps I tried awhile back but It didnít make a whole lot of sense too me. Couldnít tell if it was timed or not.


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