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Forum Reorganisation - your assistance needed please!

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Good morning/afternoon/evening [delete as applicable to your timezone] folks,

For some time, I've been thinking that the forum boards are a bit chaotic, and don't necessarily align with what people are buying and/or using Lister[oid]s for these days. I suspect there's also quite a disjoint between UK Lister owners (who, predominantly, will be experiencing these engines in canal boats, powering farm equipment, or as show engines), and US owners who (I'm guessing) predominantly want to make electricity. And I apologise to those members outside of the UK/US, who may have other uses I haven't even thought of!

With that in mind, therefore, I'd like to give the board a bit of a shuffle, to try to keep it relevant to as many people as possible - and, of course, to continue to attract new members in. We've been doing pretty well lately and, unlike many online forums, the boards do seem to be getting more messages. I'd like to see that trend continue, but also I'd like to see people able to get more out of the boards, as well as find it easier to put back in.

So..... I'm all ears....

I think I did put a proposal together a while back (which I'll have to dig out again), but I'd rather hear from you guys. If you could choose one topic to have as a board, what would it be? Nothing is off the table; and I would ask that no-one "shoots down" anyone else's thoughts or choices; I'll take any inputs that come & try to feed them into a consistent design, which we can then have a bit of a vote on.

I'll keep this topic stuck to the top of the board for a while - I'd like to say "until the end of June", but given how my life is going these days, it might be a few more months than that!

Also, please do take the time to answer the quick poll that's attached to this post; as that will also help me work out where we go next. Please do be completely honest with the poll, whether you think the layout is dreadful or fantastic, I would really appreciate knowing!

Cheers & Thanks!
Ade. (from a surprisingly sunny UK)

It seems that a gasoline or petrol section would get some use? Other than that I think pertanant subjects are pretty well represented, but maybr not.

Lots of sub forums doesn't guaranty traffic as can be seen over on the sister site. You could add a few and see what happens, surely no harm could come from it?


--- Quote from: 38ac on May 18, 2022, 02:17:08 PM ---Lots of sub forums doesn't guaranty traffic as can be seen over on the sister site. You could add a few and see what happens, surely no harm could come from it?

--- End quote ---

Agreed - in fact, I'd probably remove more than I add; I think we have too many boards for the size of active membership...

Hi Ade

Good work, thanks

I like to visit the site every day - and contribute occasionally.  But some of the boards I just never look at?  I suspect others may be the same?

The stats will tell you.  Perhaps you could winnow out 30-40%-ish of the content - those that are little-used?

Folks who like to post in those subject areas might be Ok about using the "everything else" board - possibly you could change the name of that/modify it a bit to be more all-encompassing; and then ditch some of the lesser-used ones

Lots of us are getting older.  There will be younger folk out there with different, but related, interests?


I did not see a poll ?

My interest is generating power off-grid, mostly in winter or in summer when smoke is too thick for solar harvest.


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