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--- Quote from: Hugh Conway on May 04, 2022, 10:16:57 PM ---There's always the old golf cart starter/generator option.
Hi, not sure what you mean by this?

--- End quote ---

Hugh Conway:
@ Waxel
Use the search function to enter "starter/generator", you'll find a lot of links.
Veggie got me inspired to install one  on my 6/1, it works very well, and has for several years of regular use.
No reason it would not work for your engine.
Some examples

You can find golf cart starter/generators on ebay or maybe locally.


Thanks for the suggestions. Much as I love projects, I've already got a list ahead of me that is frightening. Also all the belts and pulleys look a bit deadly to fingers and doggies tails. I'm able to start my ac1 with the manual handle but the wife isn't so a simple starter motor option is all im looking for at this stage.  Maybe even with a 240v battery charger to keep the battery alive... am in Ireland and don't see any cheap electric start ac1s listed anywhere...

Amazingly, have just seen a toothed flywheel on ebay. Does anyone know how difficult replacing a flywheel might be?

That turned out to be a gear wheel of 15cm that I imagine is for engaging with starter handle. Have been quoted 200 for a 20" gear wheel that could apparently be fitted to the flywheel. It's expensive I think and don't even see how it would fit


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