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Hi, i have an ac1 generator with manual start handle. I'd like to covert this to electric start but would need to replace the flywheel with a toothed one. Has anyone done this or know availability of toothed flywheels? Thanks

Diesel Engineering:
The other option would be to buy a starter ring and machine flywheel. That is unless the flywheel has already  been machined to take the ring. I can't remember for sure if all flywheels were machined or not.

Hugh Conway:
There's always the old golf cart starter/generator option.

Don't know what part of the world you are in but currently on US EBay there is a listing with two AC1 electric start engines for $300

I have a starter motor that should fit. The flywheel is currently smooth. Am concerned that if I machine the flywheel it might cause it to become unbalanced


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