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Listeroid 28/2


Hi all,

My father recently passed away and left a partially disassembled 28/2. The bottom end is covered and the cylinders are filled with motor oil. It turns over easily. The heads are in a box with one having the valves removed. I didn't see any obvious damage, but he must have felt that head needed something. As I remember it it was running fine when he disassembled it, but he was definitely the type to disassemble to investigate. For whatever reason he never got around to putting it back together. My guess is that it could be bolted back together and probably fire right up.

It is located in Polk county Florida.

Years ago he had it connected to a generator to power his house, but when the gen head failed he sort of lost interest in the whole thing. He ran it for a long time with no issues though.

So I'm open to offers, but it is offered as is where is, so shipping, loading, etc would be up to the buyer. I'll try to upload some pictures, and answer any questions as best I can.

I posted a ton of pictures on the craigslist add if anyone is interested.

I would have interest if not for $5 fuel and long drive away. Good luck with it, it will be a tough sell in that condition and. no  loading but hopefully there will be some local interest.

It sold this past weekend.


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