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Microcogen Site Login Difficulties

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I did some tests with my cell phone.

I first tried typing and I got the same error message. I could not login.

I cleared cash and cookies and typed only and I was able to login  fine.



Ahhhh !!

becasue it's now

 IT'S ......  HTTPS://

NOT ..... WWW.

Everyone try

32 coupe:
I can't get on at all.
When I try to sign in the box just says error.

Everyone that is having problems getting on try:

1.   Clearing cash & cookies on the browser

2.   Type in manually and hopefully you will be able to login.

 Do not click on a link if microcogen comes up in a search engine such as google. It try’s to connect with  and this will not allow you to login.

Try this for now until we get more info.


32 coupe:
No luck for me.
I can get to the main page but no luck getting anywhere.
If I try to sign in it says "error".
If I try to go to a sub page it says "not acceptable".


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