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Microcogen Site Login Difficulties

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The Microcogen site was updated.
Thanks MobileBob and Hwew.

I am unable to login and cannot get a message to the host in orde to advise of the issue.
I tried on various computers, but I get an Error message as soon as I click the Login button.

Anyone else having issues?

Hi Veggie,
Iíll let Bob G know.
Itís been working fine for me.

Did you try a different web browser?
On some other forums I visit, Google will not work.


You would think that if your normal browser worked in the past then it should now. I had a similar problem with another Forum and cleared all of the cache n cookies but made no difference. Turned out there was a setting on the Admin side that had a glitch. Hopefully it gets sorted for you.

I just tried logging on and get error.

I did some searching and I might of found the problem. The findingís were just sent to Bob.

Just for kicks clear out cash and cookies again. And type only. Keep www off.
Then try logging in.



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