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Bought four CS head gaskets from the nice Gaskets-to-go chap

They look like a great bit of work

Just curious.  How much were they?   Quality?

Hi ChevellRCR  I won't know about quality until one is fitted and has done some hours

But this gentleman, John, from Gaskets-to-go (check him out at  has a very good reputation.  I actually dealt mostly with his sister - who does some of the selling I think?  Excellent service from both of them.  It's in the nature of his work that most of his transactions are small - and it wouldn't have surprised me if they didn't want to communicate much for small-$$ transactions.  But that wasn't the case at all - they were great

Price was around $18USD each I think?  I'm down in New Zealand - I think it probably cost me about $100 or $120NZD for four of them delivered

I had a CS with a leak in the head - but with recent running it no longer seems to be leaking, so I may not fit one any time very soon.  That said, I may have jinxed it and it'll leak tomorrow

Hugh Conway:
 ChevellRCR & mikenash

I am using Gaskets-to-go head gaskets on both my Lister and listeroid 6/1s.
Very good quality, as OEM automotive gaskets.
Mine have been in service for a lot of hours, no problems,
Cannot comment on cost, as it has been a few years, but they were very reasonable considering their quality and that they are trouble free. Gaskets-to-go will also make custom gaskets if you have a drawing or pattern.


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