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Folks- I changed the toilet paper in the Frantz Filter after some initial runs.  I'm guessing I ran the twin 16 for a total of about 25 hours before changing the toilet paper element. 

Not to let good things go to waste, I wanted to figure out how much metal that filter captured.  So...I decided to burn the paper element, and have a look.  Now I COULD heat it up to about 800F and burn off all the ash, leaving metal behind.  BUT...this video provides me all the evidence I need to convince me that "the darned thing works".

Frantz Toilet Paper Oil Filter.  Yep. 

Youtube link:

wow, and to think that is what i wipe my tushy with?


(sorry i couldn't help myself)

seriously the filter looks to have caught a lot of crap
and it is why i don't like those nasty top feed holes on the listeroid con rods
they seem like a catchers mitt for a lot of crap to be caught and directed into the conrod
and eat the crank pin

bob g

Interesting.  Folks have been dismissive of those toilet paper units - and I'm sure they're right, in terms of their particular experience/application.  But in the 50s/60s/70 the British built petrol-engined Bedford trucks we had here (of which I have owned three) had toilet-roll filters and I have never heard anything but good reviews of them.  They were an "upgrade" lol

I had one in an I H  R190 but it was set up as a bypass filter so when the bearings were worn and oil pressure dropped it filtered buggar all

They sure were an upgrade from what was available in days gone by but with a heap of room for improvement. Glad you managed to catch that much metal out of the engine and probably more to come in time.
They are far better than running no filter but if I wanted to fit a filter to my CD 8hp I fitted a cartridge style filter as knowing what happened to some expensive truck engines in the late 1970's.


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