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Lister HR3 Bryce fuel pump help

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There is no way you can crank it without operating the decompressors. To test get a spare injector pipe and bend it so it points away from the fuel door then you can check the injector atomisation on any Lister motor.

When cranking without using the decomp lever you do need to be serious about wanting to crank it over. Don't play with it mean to turn it over. Diesels rely on high compression to ignite the fuel air mix. If it was too easy to turn over compression it may not start. There is no shame when cranking to use the decomp levers when the weather or engine is cold or hot. It is just easier on you to start it up. Electric starts can do it without the use of a decomp lever when everything is in good working condition ie good battery and starter motor.

Okay thanks guys Iím gonna mess around with it again this evening

I can't crank past compression on my 6/1
  I have to decompress, get up to speed and then engage fuel and then full compression, usually fires on the first compression.

It sure is as it is compression that heat the fuel air mix to ignite the diesel.


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