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Lister HR3 Bryce fuel pump help

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Im trying to install new guts into a faulty fuel pump and Iím wondering when installing the sleeve into the bore of the pump is there a certain way to install it? I have taken it apart multiple times and Iím still having no luck getting it to work. There is a letter T on top of the fuel pump housing does that mean anything in the rebuild process? There isnít any information I could find on the internet for these pumps. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mate, if you did not take a shit load of pics before and as you stripped it down then your in trouble. Best go looking for a manual to get out of the shit.

I have a manual for the motor. But there isnít a manual for the fuel pump itself. The manual says refer to bryce pumps 158 but I canít find anything on it.

If someone has a diagram Of a Bryce pump that would be awesome and a lot of help

here is an exploded diagram don't know if its anything like yours                                 


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