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Small 900 RPM Generator heads - do they exist ?


Is anyone aware of a supplier of 8 pole ( 900 rpm ) generator heads in the 2kw to 5kw range ..... anywhere on the planet ?
I would like to put one on my Listeroid.

Oh ! ... and if it's not to much to ask, I want 120/240 AC split phase  :laugh:

Hugh Conway:
Appears that small 8 pole gen heads and hen's teeth are both made of unobtanium. Here's an LEF link from the distant past asking the same.
BTW, Veggie, if you find one, let us know. We're all interested!


900 RPM single phase and 3 phase electric motors are quite available.
The problem as I recall it, is that an electric motor converted to a generator (with the addition of capacitors) is only effective at the load point that matches the capacitors  ???
So it can be done easily enough, but a constant load point must be maintained.

Good day all,
I'm new to the forum, but bringing some ideas that I'm curious if they have been tried yet, and with what success or failure.
First off, I'm looking at a low RPM PMG, something that runs in the 300 revs/min range. I've got 2 reasons to want this set-up, first is to gear down the drive ratio from a belt running the diameter of the flywheel to spin the generator head at 3600 or whatever speed gen head you have to a 2.25 to 1 ratio, where the listeroid is running at 650 or governed to get the correct Hz and voltage.

My reasons for this configuration is to reduce the flicker as the change in engine RPM between power strokes would be less disruptive to the generator speed, and the second would be to drive a larger Kw generator head due to the increase of available torque due to the gearing reduction as opposed to overdriving the higher speed generator heads, hoping to be able to drive a 6 to 8 Kw gen head.

Thoughts? Comments?  Am I simply bonkers with this idea?
Are there any members that have done any of this in testing?
Cheers and thanks for accepting my membership on the forum.
Darrin Goodman


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