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Changeover valve removal suggestions.

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Ted Goat:
No, just to clarify, the threaded piece has unscrewed, ( the part with the large fine thread into the head, with the square head on, together with the handwheel, ) but it will only back out as far as the end of the threads, I can pull it maybe 1/2" more against a spring, but that's it .
So I'm guessing that both halves of the combustion chamber are jammed in, with the valve stem head between them .
Looking at the parts book, the 3-1 COV is slightly different to the
5-1/6-1, so I'm not even sure that an Indian replacement COV would fit, hence I need to make sure I don't damage the original.

I don't know if ultrasonics will get that deep through the mass and around corners.    In our shop in the USMC, we had an ultrasonic cleaner for teletypes, to get all the ink, paper dust and dried grease off them.  Took about 30 min or so, for what is essentially an open frame typewriter.   
  I've heard ATF and Acetone, 50/50 is a good soak agent, but you will need a sturdy tank with a lid to keep the acetone from evaporating away ( and sucking humidity out of the air - leaving you with water and ATF ) and a safe place to park it for days, maybe shake it a bit daily, move the crud around.    Auto transmission shops often have a hot tank cleaner, for aluminum transmissions, likely safe for Iron.  Get the worst off before your month long soak.

  I don't recall if hot Lye will cut carbon, but it will eat anything non-iron

Ted Goat:
Thanks for all your suggestions so far.
I had a small but useful victory last night.....
Tried unscrewing the end cap, and holding the handwheel still at the same time, essentially using the fine thread as a jack to pull on the valve stem. After going tight, another nudge with a long spanner had something give, and it continued to turn out.
So I now have the handwheel, valve stem and the first half of the chamber out, with no damage.
I'm going to leave the inner chamber soaking before trying the compression method again, and if that doesn't shift it, then I'll decarbonise where I can and leave it alone.

Thanks again.


--- Quote from: Ted Goat on April 07, 2022, 11:44:30 AM ---I've used an ultrasonic cleaner before with siezed carburettor jets in corroded zinc casting carbs, and the vibrations and hot liquid have proved successful. The thing is finding someone with a cleaning bath big enough for a CS head, most are just big enough for a lawnmower carb.
Certainly another avenue to explore though, thanks Mihit.

--- End quote ---

Looks like you're making headway with it, but just a further comment on the UHF (I still have no idea if it would actually work)

There are units available for ultra-sonically anti-foulling yacht hulls. One of them on the side of a garbage pail/ fishbin/ tub, dialled in to the right number, with the right chemichal/ pH/ hardness water and I'd expect something to happen.

I'm going to have to find a project for this and give it a go myself, for science.


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